Traveller is a rather innovative space adventure that is worth playing over and over again. This is a sci-fi adventure that will see you and other players explore new star systems and make some discoveries.

The Traveller universe is extensive, and new systems are added every once in a while. This makes it possible to return to your favorite Traveller characters and take them in a newly discovered system where adventure awaits.

Welcome to the Chevron worlds

The Chevron stands for six worlds that were recently discovered. They aren’t unfamiliar to people, but they do hold some mysteries that players can explore. All important locations are well-written and captivating. A good Keeper will be able to describe those areas in a fashion that will bring them to life. We won’t spoil those locations for you, but we can sift through events to give you more idea about Traveller and what it represents.

Traveller – Missions worth mentioning

A beauty of the board game like Traveller is the unlimited number of missions and encounters your crew can take on. This is why the Traveller is a board game that transcends its limits. Chevron worlds contain several interesting encounters that will make any player return to this part of the universe and revisit those encounters once again.


The encounter in the Harakaza system is the best representation of what Traveller is all about. You will find that this mission contains everything a board game should have, mystery, investigation, thriller, and action.

This is a rescue mission, and the reward for the same is rather standard. But no mission in Traveller goes as you think it will and this one is another example of that.  You arrive at the New Colony and fail to establish contact with colonists. After some exploration, you will find that settlers are aggressive due to some form of contamination. You will have to fight against them as well as some Marines (that came to the colony with you). This mission is excellent because it has an equal amount of everything including investigations, action, horror, and thrill where the chances of survival aren’t high.

Worlds of the Ley Sector Extension

This extension deals with the Shanape Chevron worlds. The Chevron is a group of 6 worlds located along the Spinward side of the Ley Sector. Most of the traffic out of the Chevron goes Rimward from the Harukaza starport. There is some commerce between the Cheveron and the Shanape Link Cluster from both the SHANAPE and 900-790 starports.

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World Descriptions

New Colony

0523 X8660000

See Rescue Mission on page 4.

The star system of New Colony was only discovered thirty years ago. The Imperial Astrographers were only recently able to detect the binary system through a rather heavy interstellar cloud. The system consists of 3 small gas giants and 1 terrestrial planet.


There is no starport on the main world.


The main world of New Colony is an Eden. It is a terrestrial planet with standard gravity, atmosphere, and climate. Its surface is 60% water. There are indigenous life forms on both the land and in the water, but none has intelligence. The world appears to be a prime candidate for colonization. A team was sent in earlier this year to conduct a detailed survey.

The Rest of the System

The other planets in the system are small gas giants. There is no  planetoid belt.


0724 B000958D

See Smuggling Run on page 6

900-790 is a system with a single red dwarf star without any planets. Instead, it has a sizeable asteroid belt at 30 Million Km from the star. Imperial planetologiests have determined that the asteroid belt is the remnants of a large planet that was destroyed by some cataclysmic event. As such, the asteroid belt is rich in raw materials.

The Starport

The system’s starport, know locally as Iceball, is located in one of the smaller asteroids. Two large craters have been hollowed out and docking facilities have been built. The out-system side is for jump-capable ships and the local freight haulers use the in-system side. Due to the microgravity fields, docking at the starport is tricky and requires a Pilot check (DC 20). A failure by more than 10 means that the ship has collided with the docking station.   Otherwise, it is a near miss.  Due to the amount of raw materials being shipped out, this is a very busy starport. The docking facilities remain 80%-90% full. There is a 40% chance that any arriving ship will have to wait in a parking orbit for 2d6+2 hours until a dock opens up. Due to the sparseness of the system, fuel must be shipped in. This adds a 25% surcharge to the basic fuel rates.

The Mainworld

Since all the materials from this system ship out from the starport, the asteroid in which it is located has become the center of the system. The system’s government is a feudal technocracy rooted in the families of the original prospectors. The entire system is split between seven families, the Founding Seven, and they use a feudal system to mine and work their holdings. Of the system’s 4 billion people, most of them live in this hollowed-out asteroid. Needless to say, it is very crowded. As such, there is a very high law level – to keep down on the violence. Even so, with all the belters in the area, it is a violent place. Being an asteroid mining operation, the area has a very high technology level. The wealth of the system means that the highest technology is available for the mining work. Iceball is a modern-day gold  rush boomtown. As such, prices are inflated 20%-50% over standard rates.

The Rest of the System

There are no other bodies in the system. The Planetologists believe that whatever force created the asteroid belt destroyed any other planets.


0725 A675533A

See Rescue Mission on page 4.

The Harukaza system consists of 10 planets, but no gas giants. The main word, Harukaza V, orbits the star at 420 Million Km.


The Harukaza starport consists of a single high port in geosynchronous orbit above the planet’s equator. Travel between the starport and the surface is by planetary elevators. This starport is the main jump point for ships leaving the Ley sector for the Glimmerdrift Reaches. As such, it is the most cosmopolitan of the sector’s many starports.


Harukaza V is a cold planet, with average temperatures ranging from -35° to – 70°. However, even with these temperatures, half of the planet is covered with water. The surface is ice varying in depth from 20m to 80m. Underneath this shell of ice, is an open water sea. The water is kept above freezing by huge steam vents on the ocean floor. All the indigenous life forms live in these ice- capped seas. There is not much biodiversity with only 200 known species. Most of these are jellyfish like, but there are a few mega-scale animals, of which the Harukaza Whale, a 150m filter feeder is the most famous. Due to the inhospitable conditions, the population on this world is low. The population either supports the starport or works the local agriculture: the former live in the central city while the latter live in small, outlying agri- domes.

The central city is directly below the highport. It is the seat of government and has a population of about 80,000. The other 40,000 inhabitants live in the numerous agri-domes around frozen seas. Some of these agri-domes aren’t domes at all, but large vessels that skate on top of the frozen seas and harvest the biomass that is just under the ice cap.

The Rest of the System

Of the remaining 9 planets, only two have an atmosphere, and these are methane green houses with ambient temperatures around 200°.


0824 C0007358

See Pirate Attack on page 5.

The Magi system is a binary star system. The stars, Prospero and Merlin, are red dwarf stars. There is a single gas giant (Magi 7), a planetoid belt (at Magi 6), and five other planets.


The class C starport consists of a highport made from the hulk of the original colony ship and planet side shuttle ports in each dome. The usual star port traffic is Jump1 ore haulers. There are also Jump1 Free Traders who stop for refueling on the way between Harukaza and Shanape. The highport is mainly for the ore haulers and, as such, has quite a bit of blue-collar entertainment. There is a -4 modifier when determining the number of middle passage and high passage travelers.


Arthur (Magi 4) is the main world in the Magi system. Arthur is an airless world with a high concentration of ores. This is a mining colony and there is little else here. Four major corporations (RMB Industries, Allied Mining, Seafort Shipping and Mining, and Consolidated Resources) have broken the planet up into regions. The CEO’s of these companies serve as the ruling (oligarchic) council of the world. Given the rough nature of  miners and mining encampments, the council, or The Corps, struggle to keep the  law level where it is. The government has been now to be very harsh in certain circumstances. Severely anti-social elements are encouraged to take up the life of a belter since it’s more economical than prisons.

The Rest of the System

The four corporations have small mining operations on each of the other planets, including a gas mine on the gas giant. Since the gas giant is being mined, the local constabulary frowns upon “ free lance fuel mining” and can be quite harsh in treatment of “ hydrogen smugglers” . The planetoid belt is too sparse for the corporations to make a profit, so it is left for wildcat belters to exploit. Due to the “Botany Bay” aspect of the belt, there are quite a few pirates and part time pirates in the area.


0923 B566AFGA

See Smuggling Run on page 6.

The Shanape system was the capital of a small empire that covered Shanape Link and Shanape Chevron worlds. The arrival of the Solomani empire caused this empire to collapse, but the locals have a long memory of their history.


The Shanape Highport is brand new. It has just been commissioned this year and, as such, it still has a few bugs to work out. There is a 20% chance that a ship will have to wait for 2d6 hours to dock or leave due to mechanical problems. The starport staff is quite aware of the problems and is quickly working to fix everything – however they are harried. Luckily major system failures have reduced in frequency – they only occur about once a month now. The downport is the same downport used since Shanape Imperial times. The architecture is quite beautiful and everything is built to impress travelers with the majesty of the empire. The Shanape government, as a reminder of the glories of the fathers, has kept up the starport.


Shanape III is home to over 2 billion people crowded into sixty large spire cities surround by verdant parklands. The Fathers had a great respect for the natural beauty of the world, so they minimized the acreage used by the people and left the rest of the planet as a large game preserve. With the fall of their empire, Shanape could no longer rely on agriworlds for its food production, so great parts of the parklands have been turned into farms. One advantage of keeping the population in close quarters is that they are easy to control. Soon after the fall of the empire, a military dictatorship was established. That has now turned into a Totalitarian oligarchy, which rules with an iron fist “in the

name of the Fathers”. People are constantly watched by electronic and biological spies and any minor infraction results in severe punishment. Off- worlders are welcome to spend their money, but they are very closely watched. Each ship landing at the downport has a liaison officer assigned to it. This officer is not so much a commissar as a guide and protector. The government doesn’t want to offend off-worlders as they are the major income of the planet, but they also don’t want any foreign ideas getting loose.

The Rest of the System

The rest of the system includes single gas giant and 3 terrestrial planets. Of these three, Shanape II is used as a prison by the government. There political prisoners and their families are exiled for life for “tainting the memory of the Fathers”. The planet has about 2 million people on it. The two thousand guards are all stationed on the downport immigrant processing station. The prisoners are allowed to run their own affairs as long as the factories keep up their production quotas.


1023 C9535527

The Grunwald system is knows as the system of giants as its central star is a sub-giant and the majority of the planets are gas giants. There are two planetoid belts as well as 1 terrestrial planet. The major export of the Grunwald system is hydrocarbons. The three gas giants have an abundant supply.


In this system, the starport does not orbit the mainworld of Grunwald II. Rather, it is high above Grunwald V, the largest of the gas giants. It is a functional starport designed for transfer of the hydrocarbons mined from the gas giants. Access to the mainworld and planetoid belts is handled by regular shuttle flights.


Grunwald II is a large planet with a small population. The indigenous population of Vargr has set up a feudal system to run their world. They have little to do with off-worlders, who they restrict to a single city on the southern continent. There is little commerce between off-worlders and the Vargr. What is allowed is the payment of royalties from the gas mining operations.

The Rest of the System

The three gas giants are mined by the Magi Corporations. They have their own capture ships working various parts of the planets and taking their loads to their own refineries. From these refineries, the hydrocarbons are shipped to the starport for export out of the system. Given the profitability of the gas mines, the corporations expend great sums to protect their rights. It is not uncommon to see retired military ships patrolling for the companies.  Given the profitability, smuggling and claim jumping is quite common. It  is generally a good idea to not scoop fuel from these gas giants. If  a ship manages to not be destroyed, the owner will be tied up in paperwork for weeks.


1122 C8774475

The binary system of Kukelu is composed of two red dwarf stars. There is a single large gas giant and 6 terrestrial planets.


Kukelu’s starport is located on the south polar ice cap. It is a Spartan port that is used mainly for trade with the Shanape cluster world of Liar’s Oath. Being of ursine construction, everything is oversized. And given their taciturn outlook, there is little in the way of common entertainment.


Ursines originally settled Kukelu 3 and it is still 90% ursine stock. Like most planets in the shanape Chevron, Kukelu 3 is a mining operation. However, un like most others, a representative collective runs this one. There are few inhabitants scattered around in various stone cities. The chief of this is the polar starport.

The Rest of the System

The other terrestrial worlds in the system are barren rock. The Ursines have not done anything more than survey these worlds. They are “ left alone for future generations” . However, there is an unmanned Imperial Signalling Station out in orbit A.

Encounters Rescue Mission (Harukaza system)

This adventure starts on Harukaza where the party is approached by port authorities to participate in a rescue mission. The party will load up with a rescue team and supplies and fly to New Colony. Contact has been lost with the survey team.

Act I: Charter

Shortly after landing at the Harukaza Highport, the party is approached by a representative of Imperial Planetological Survey ministry. He wishes to character the party’s ship for a rescue and investigation mission.

Payment will be standard charter rates:

?                Cr900/ton cargo space (66).

?                Cr900/Low Passage accommodation (4).

?                Cr9000/High Passage accommodation (6).

In addition IPS will cover any repair for damages incurred. This is an exclusive charter, so no other passengers or cargo is allowed. The  total amount for the charter is Cr117,000 per two week period. If the party accepts the charter, then 50 tons of equipment and supplies will be loaded quickly and fueling will begin. The cargo includes military supplies, the largest of which is a GCarrier, labeled “ Kiss Me Quick!” The 5-member team will board the ship the next morning. The team member is lead by Dr. Archibald West, IPS geologist and experienced planetologist. Since things have gone quiet, an Imperial Marine Specialist Team accompanies Dr. West.

?                Dr   Archibald   West   –   Geologist   who   leads   the   expedition; experienced planet surveyor.

?                Capt.  Hiroko  Wilkins  –  pilot  on  TDY.  Hiroko  is  along  incase someone needs to fly the original survey ship out.

?                Sgt George Apone – commander of the strike team.

?                Spec. Juan Hicks – communications and computers.

?                Spec. Adolph Gonzales – logistics and driver.


The marines will be billeted in the Low Passage berths, while Capt. Wilkins and Dr. West will take a stateroom each.

If the party noses around, they learn the following rumors about New Colony:

?                It  was  recently  discovered  by  IPS.  An  intervening  ionized gas cloud prevented its earlier detection.

?                The planet  is a paradise with  plenty  of plant  and animal  life but none of it sentient.

?                IPS sent a 10 man survey team to the planet five months ago.

?                The first supply ship, the Far Trader Nathan’s Last Hope,  returned with a report from the survey team two months ago. The team reported finding the wreck of an alien colonization ship. No trace of the aliens was found. The ship was overgrown, indicating that it had been there a long time.

?                The Far Trader Nathan’s Last Hope was sent with more supplies. It is now a week overdue.

On board ship, Capt. Wilkins will be close mouthed, but Dr. West will be quite willing to talk to the party.

Act II: Arrival

Entering into the New Colony system, Dr. West will try to raise the survey team. No response, either manual or automatic from the surface. There is no response from Nathan’s Last Hope either. The orbital survey pod (OSP) doesn’t respond either. Dr. West will request approaching the OSP. The OSP is a survey satellite. In addition to surveying the planet, the satellite monitors and records all communications traffic  of the survey team.  It keeps  stores this information in orbit in case something happens to the team on the surface- sort of a mission black box. The OSP also has a long-range antenna which can it can use to relay messages from the ground in case of a problem with the ground-based long-range antenna.

Recovering the recordings from the OSP requires either a space walk or pulling the 10-ton satellite into the cargo bay. A cursory examination reveals that the satellite was hit by a micro-meteor that disabled its long-range antenna.

Reviewing the data reveals that everything was going normally with the team. They had surveyed the plant and animal life and found no harmful poisons.

Shortly before the arrival of the first supply vessel, the team discovered the wreck. A small team was sent to investigate. The expedition was low on supplies, so the small team augmented its supplies with local produce.

The supply ship landed near the base camp and unloaded supplies. There had been an accident during transit and half of the supplies onboard the ship were contaminated. The ISP team sent the supply ship back with the report. The team began augmenting their reduced supplies with local foodstuffs.  Two days after the supply ship left, the alien ship investigation team lost contact with the base camp. A subsequent team was sent to investigate. When the second team returned, they reported that the camp of the alien ship expedition appeared to have been attacked and there were no survivors. There was also no evidence of where the attackers went.

The last transmission recorded showed one of the survey team sitting in front of the Comms screen gibbering incoherently. The man then turns slightly to his left as a hydraulic ram is swung into his head and then the Comms station. This transmission was dated five days after the return of the second team. There is no other information.

An orbital survey of the planet will reveal the location of the base camp and the wrecked alien ship. Five miles from the base came is the wreckage of the Far Trader Nathan’s Last Hope.

Act III: Planetfall

Scene 1: Landing Preparation

Before Planetfall, Capt. Wilkins will thaw the Marines and get them ready to land. They will prep the GCarrier in orbit and load up. Dr. West will suggest landing out of sight of the original camp. Once landed, the GCarrier will roll out with the marines inside (and any others).

The drive to the campsite is uneventful. The lookout will see a large herd of herbivores resembling hornless rhinos about a quarter mile to the right. The animals pay little attention to the GCarrier.

The campsite is a mess. There are bodies lying all around the plascrete structures. It appears that they all have died violently. Some bodies show evidence of being shot with lasers or slug throwers while others appear  to have been bludgeoned to death. The turf is churned up in front of an enclosed air/raft. The raft is powered up and humming. Near the access hatch  are scorch marks. Inside the air/raft is another member of the survey team who apparently died from a laser shot to the chest.


Inside the huts are more bodies. Some rooms are neat and clean, while others are in a shambles. One or two have been meticulously cleaned.

Close examination will reveal:

?                There are no tracks of any vehicles.

?                There are no tracks other than those of the survey team.

?                The bodies show evidence that they died fighting each other. Some committed suicide.

There is really no more information to be gleaned. Scene 2: Nathan ’s Last Hope

The wreckage of Nathan’s Last Hope is strewn over a two-mile area. There   is a large crater in the ground where the majority of the ship resides. The area is highly radioactive. The ship’s data record is intact. Reading this and comparing it to analysis of the crash pattern shows that the Far Trader had a fault in its maneuver drive. During approach to the base camp, a drive baffle failed. This caused a cascading failure that lead to the detonation of the ship’s fuel tank. This faulty baffle is want caused the earlier shipment of supplies to become contaminated.

Act IV: Picking up the Pieces

Scene 1: Visiting the Alien Ship

Surveying the campsite shows that it has been damaged, but is repairable. The Comms center can be made to work, but apparently the main antenna is down. According to the notes, the antenna was put on a high mountain ridge about 30 miles away. Since the marines need to stay here to guard the site, Dr. West will send the party to repair the antenna. Arriving at the antenna, the party will find that one member of the team electrocuted himself  on the transmission equipment. It takes about seven hours to repair the equipment and get it up and going again. Once this antenna is back on-line, communication is restored with IPS. When the party contacts the base camp, they are told everything is all right, but that a storm front is moving in. It will be gone by the morning, so they should wait it out.

Scene 2: Return to Basecamp

The next morning, the party is unable to raise the base camp. When they arrive, they see that the G/Carrier has been driven into one of the huts. As the party approaches, Apone, Hicks, and Gonzales open fire from inside the huts.

What Happened

The rescue team cleaned up the kitchen and made dinner. They supplemented their own rations with some native fruits. These fruits have a chemical that is normally benign. However, it affects the brains of higher-level animals. The result is similar to violent paranoia. If the party survives, they can find Dr. West’s notes. He was one of the last to succumb and was able to note that the problem is in the native foodstuffs. As the chemical is present in the entire biomass of the planet, this world is not safe for colonization.

Pirate Attack

(Magi System)

Coming out of jump space, the proximity alarms go off. The Comms channel crackles to life with a message from a ship named the Black Rose. The Rose is ordering you to stand down and prepare to be boarded.

The Black Rose is 1d20 * 750 km away (10T hexes; close range).

The Black Rose will fire to disable the target. When boarding, three Vargr pirates will come over in Vacc Suits armed with laser carbines. They are interested only in getting 50 tons of cargo. After off-loading it, they will let the ship go. If they suffer substantial damage, they will withdraw to the asteroid belt. There are no patrol ships in the area, so the ship is on its own.

Smuggling Run

(900-790 system)

The party is approached though black-market channels to see if they would be interested in running a private cargo to Shanape. Payment will be Cr200,000 with Cr50,000 up front and the rest on delivery. NO QUESTIONS ASKED. The cargo consists of 40 tons of seal containers and an Aslan who will accompany the load. The contents of the containers are laser rifles, powerpacks, and combat armor. If acceptable, the load ship will need to pickup the load from an asteroid in the middle of the area and be delivered  to a ship in orbit around the gas giant in the Shanape system.

The Pickup

At an appointed time, the Aslan (Richard) will get onboard the ship and give the pilot coordinates for the pickup point.  The trip would take seven hours  in a direct flight, but Richard suggests a more round about trip that takes fifteen hours. A system boat will start following the party’s ship two hours after it leave the dock. A successful sensor check (DC 20 + 15 for running silent) will reveal the tail. If the party tries to avoid the ship, the crew has a Sensor rating of +5. If the party engages the system ship, it will fire back and demand that they surrender. The following ship will not engage the Party’s ship but  will tail it to its jump point.

The Delivery

Coming out of jump, the ship will be challenged by port authorities. Richard gives a cover story that they need to scoop fuel from the gas giant to be able to make it to the port.

At the rendezvous, the party’s ship will encounter a ship named Freedom’s Breath. The two ships will set up to transfer cargo. In the midst of the transfer, two system boats will appear and challenge the ships. The Freedom’s Breath will undock and dive for the atmosphere. Richard, who is actually a plant, will get in the ship’s turret and fire on the retreating ship. If the party does nothing or helps, the system boats will destroy the Freedom’s Breath. If they try to run, one of the boats will be dispatched to follow them.

At the end of the day, Richard will reveal himself as a Secret Police operative. He will tell the party to take him to the starport. There, the party  will be cleared of any charges, but they will receive no payment. They can take the Cr50,000 and leave the system – quickly!


Non-Player Characters Rescue Mission Regular Marine

Marine 6, INIT +1, STR 12, DEX 12, CON 13, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10,

EDU 10, SOC 10, AR 23 (+8 combat armor, +4 chameleon, +1 Dex), AR 8 (combat armor), SPD 6, ST/LB 44/14, ATTK +11/+6 Gauss Rifle 2d12/x2, FORT +6, REF +3, WILL +5.

Vessel (grav) Armor (light, medium, vac suit), Weapons (marksman, combat rifleman, swordsman, high energy), Weapon focus (gauss rifle, cutlass) Brawling, Zero-G Combat, second Wind, Toughness, High Morale.

Combat armor, chameleon, gauss rifle, personal medkit, and communicator

Marine Sergeant

Marine 8, INIT +2, STR 12, DEX 13, CON 13, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10,

EDU 10, SOC 10, AR 23 (+8 combat armor, +4 chameleon, +1 Dex), AR 8 (combat armor), SPD 6, ST/LB 44/14, ATTK +12/+7 Gauss Rifle 2d12/x2, FORT +7, REF +4, WILL +6, SZ M.

Vessel (grav) Armor (light, medium, vac suit), Weapons (marksman, combat rifleman, swordsman, high energy), Weapon focus (gauss rifle, cutlass) Brawling, Zero-G Combat, second Wind, Toughness, High Morale, Tactics. Combat armor, chameleon, gauss rifle, personal medkit, and communicator

Navy Pilot

Navy 6, INIT +0, STR 10, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 11, WIS 11, CHA 10, EDU

12, SOC 11, AC 13 (+3 mesh) AR 3 (mesh), SPD 6m, ATK +6 Laser Pistol

2d10/x2, FORT +2, REF +2, WILL +5, SZ M.

Pilot +9, T/Computer +10, P/Administration+9, Liaison +9, T/Astrogation

+10, T/Communications +10, T/Sensors +10.

Vessel (grav), Armor (light, vac suit), Weapons (laser, marksman), Brawling, Zero-G/Low-G Adaption, Zero-G Combat, First Aid, Vessel (starship, ship’s boat), Ship’s Tactics.


Professional 6, Init +0, STR 10, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 11, WIS 10, CHA 11,

EDU 12, SOC 12, AC 0, AR 0, SPD 9m, ST/LB 22/10, ATK -3 (snub pistol

1d10/x2, FORT +2, REF +2, WILL +5, SZ M.

Pilot +9, P/Admin +13, Liaison +9, Appraise +9/ T/Computer +10,

T/Communications +10, K/Planetology +12, K/Geology +12

Vessel (grav), Armor (light), Connections (professional), Research, Barter, Trustworthy, Credit Line, Professional Specialty (Planetology), Carousing, Skill Focus Admin, Legal Eagle.

Body pistol, short range communicator.

Pirate Attack

Vargr Corsair in Vac Suit

Traveller 6, INIT +1, STR 9, DEX 13, CON 10, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 10,

EDU 11, SOC 10, AC 14 (+3 vac suit, +1 Dex), AR 3, SPD 9m, ST/LB 21/10,

ATK: Laser Carbine +4 3d8/x2, Fort +2, Ref +4, Will +3, SZ M.

Pilot +10, Gunnery +9, Gambling +9, T/Astrogation +9, T/Computer +9,

T/Medical +9.

Vessel (grav, starship, ships boat), Weapon (marksman, laser, ship’s weapon), Armor (light, medium, vac suit).

Vac Suit TL-12, laser carbine, medium range communicator.

Smuggling Run

Richard the Aslan

Marine 6, INIT +0, STR 13, DEX 10, CON 11, INT 10, WIS 8, CHA 10, EDU 10, SOC 10, AC 12/15 (+2/+5 Ablat), AR 2/5, SPD 12m, ST/LB 38/12,

ATK Laser Pistol +11 2d10/x2, Fort +5, Ref +2, Will +4, SZ M.

Spot +8, Demolitions +5, Streetwise +4

Vessel (grav), Armor (light, medium, vac suit), Weapons (marksman, combat rifleman, swordsman, high energy), Weapon Focus (laser pistol), Zero-G Combat, Second Wind, Toughness, High Morale

Ablat armor, laser pistol, personal medkit, communicator.

Smuggler Crew in Vacc Suit

Merchant 6, INIT +0, STR 10, DEX 10, CON 10, INT 11, WIS 11, CHA 10, EDU 12, SOC 10, AC 13 (+3 vac suit), SPD 6m, ST/LB 22/10, ATK: Snub

pistol +1 1d10/x2, Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +3, SZ M.

Pilot+9, P/Merchant +9, K/Trade Law +10, Appraise +9, Gather Info +9,

T/Engineering +10, T/Mechanical +12, T/Electronics +12

Vessel (grav), Armor (light, vac suit), Weapons (Marksman), Barter, Brawling, Connections (merchant), Zero-G/Low-G Adaptation, First Aid, Jury Rig, Gear Head, Miracle Worker


The Black Rose

Corsair (Type P), Agility 0, Initiative +0, AC 10, Acceleration 3-G, AR 0,

Turret 1: Beam Laser (+1, 1d8), Turret 2: Beam Laser (+1, 1d8), Turret 3:

Beam Laser (+1, 1d8), Turrent 4: 3 Missile Racks (+2, 2d6). 20 missiles.

Freedom’s Breath

Corsair (Type P), Agility 0, Initiative +0, AC 10, Acceleration 3-G, AR 0,

Turret 1: Beam Laser (+1, 1d8), Turret 2: Beam Laser (+1, 1d8), Turret 3:

Beam Laser (+1, 1d8), Turrent 4: 3 Missile Racks (+2, 2d6). 20 missiles.

System Defense Boat

System Defense Boat (Type SDB), Agility +6 (+6 EP), Initiative +6, AC 30,

Acceleration 6G, AR 14, Turret 1: 3 Missle Racks (+2, 2d6), Turret 2: 3 Beam

Lasers (+3, 3d8). 60 Missiles