Dungeons and Dragons universe is vast, and dozens of board games had their setting in it. This is the world full of various creatures, non-human races, and magic. This is an excellently written world that has rules that will both reward and punish player depending on their play style.

Those that refuse to take risks will probably survive, but they won’t get any treasure or weapons. On the other hand, there are people that are willing to take that chance because they know that rewards await them after every tough battle. However, risking too much will only get you killed, and that is the end of the adventure. This is why every group should have a bit of everything, people that charge in and those that stay back and guard them.

Chariot of Tanith Ebar – A D&D adventure you should check

Chariot of Tanith Ebar is one of the more interesting D&D adventures that have quite a high difficulty. Luckily that difficulty is adjustable, and thus even beginners can play it. The premise is rather simple: you are hired by a wizard to enter catacombs bellow the city of Hue to retrieve chariot of the Tanith Ebar, an ancient warrior king.

Encounters in the catacombs

Dungeons And DragonsThe path from the entrance to the Treasure chamber is long, and there is a total of twenty encounters the party will have to face to reach to the chariot. These encounters don’t represent fights as some rooms will have puzzles or other things instead, or along with the monsters. Some of the rooms will contain traps where players can lose health if they fail to see the trap and disarm it.

The fourth room (Moldy Room) will hold the first puzzle which has to be solved for the party to progress. The first battle will happen in a place after that (Armory), and you will face Night Hunter Bats. These aren’t strong opponents, and they are there to show you what to expect. This room contains bronze weaponry that can be sold after the adventure. Those weapons are brittle, and they will break quite quickly if used in a battle.

The real fun starts in the sixth room where your party will have to face a Wight and a Ghoul. These are tough enemies that might trouble your party, but that bronze weaponry found in the previous room will serve its purpose. The adventure gets harder after this, and only able D&D players will be able to accomplish the task and earn their rewards.