Many board role-players don’t know the extent of the Judge Dredd Universe, and thus they skip excellent games. This universe might not be as detailed and as famous as D&D, but it has some unique stories written by talented artists.

The Stiffy Blockwar! is the first longer board game set in this universe and it packs a punch. It contains everything a Judge Dredd game should have. This, of course, includes criminals, great guns, and justice and we mean justice for all.

The Stiffy Blockwar! – When newbies unite

This game is for a minimum of three and a maximum of five players that will act as new judges. The zone in which they will spread the law is Sector 190 that lacks judges due to other issues. Rad winds have been playing tricks with the equipment and thus its hot, 94 degrees of hot. This weather makes everyone nervous, and that leads to crime, and your group will have to stop it.

Acts in this game are called progs. Once one prog starts, the Keeper will share any relevant info about characters you will encounter and other valuable data that judges need to know. The first prog is a Roll Call, and it allows players to introduce their characters and tell others about their past and other info.

Bring the law to lawless

Judge Dredd Miniatures GameSector 190, as well as other parts of the town, isn’t the safest place for a civilian and it’s up to judges to keep criminals at bay. This game has it all, from new-formed gangs and robots to secret plots and drugs.

The first piece of action new judges will taste will be against an elevator trolls. Trolls are groups that demand tolls in elevator areas, and that is highly illegal. This isn’t a hard encounter, and only the leader of the group might present a small problem. You don’t have to kill members of this group as they are just kids that are up to no good. However, if they resist arrest and refuse to obey the law (you), then you can do whatever you want.

The real fun starts with the robots. Your group will get a notification that a wanted criminal is spotted at the robot gathering. The criminal, as it turns out, is just a robot that doesn’t know it. The problem comes from the fact that he is based on a notorious criminal. This won’t be an easy battle, but some coordination and teamwork will bring the enemy down.

The next prog will have a team deal with drug dealers, and that will introduce you to a larger scheme that is happening in the whole city. This, of course, will be followed by a lot of shooting and spreading the word of law.