Agents of Mayhem is an entirely new game developed by the Volition and released several days ago by the collaboration between Square Enix (publisher) and Deep Silver (distributor). This is a third-person shooter set in a well-known Saints Row universe.

If you spent some time on one of the Saints Row games, then the gameplay of the Agents of Mayhem will be familiar to you. That doesn’t mean that this new game is just another sequel to the widely popular Saints Row games. No, Agents of Mayhem is a whole new game that introduces many new features that the fan boys of open world games will like.

Playable characters in the Agents of Mayhem

Agents of MayhemThis game has twelve playable characters from which you can choose three. This number isn’t definite, and future DLCs will probably add new and also interesting characters. The difference between Saints Row franchise and the Agents of Mayhem lies in those characters as well as the number of the same you choose.

You can choose three characters at the beginning of the game, and you play with all of them. This opens up the way for exciting combinations players will be able to create. The ability to teleport characters in and out of battle adds another layer to the gameplay as it gives you the chance to heal one character while another one is keeping the enemies at bay.

There is some info about playable characters, but it is mainly about three of them that are featured on the posters that advertise Agents of Mayhem.

Hollywood is a former actor and a face of Mayhem (self-proclaimed). Fortune is a sky pirate with a heavy focus on dual wielding and agility while raining down fire from above. Hardtack is a demolition expert that uses a wide array of explosives to cause destruction wherever he goes.