The oversaturation of the gaming world by rogue-like games is evident. Dozens and dozens of rogue-like entered the market, and just a few of them became famous and beloved by a large number of players.

Many rogue-like games failed because they didn’t come with any new and exciting features that would make them better than other games. Whether an Indian indie succeeded where many failed is what we are here to talk about.

Asura – Worth the price or not?

As many other rogue-like games Asura also relies on randomly generated levels to keep the game fresh. It also has other features of regular rogue-like games, and that is one life where there is no way you can load the game. Once you die you lose everything, and have to start again. Other aspects of the game are also standard including the dodge and stamina mechanics.


A rather weak lore of the game is based on Hindu religion and its vast pantheon of deities. You play like a demon, and the intro explains how you came to be and what you are trying to achieve. Your goal is to reach the final boss and kill him and return to your human form as he is the one that turned you into a demon.

You will die many times in this game as in any other decent rogue-like RPG. An excellent feature of Asura is that every new start of the game gives you different skill trees you will have to work with. The majority of the skills are same, but the order in which you unlock them changes every time you start a new game.

The only real downside of this game is already mentioned weak lore, but that is mostly because only two people developed Asura.

Conclusion on the topic of Asura – Worth the price

Add a lot of different loot to everything we mentioned, and you have a game worth its asking price which is ten dollars.