Many developers shy away from neo-noir and with good reason. It’s hard to make a neo-noir game and attract a broad audience. But Quantic Dream decided to venture into neo-noir, and they created a thriller game called Detroit: Become Human.

Now, we don’t have too much info about the game, but we do have enough to discuss some positive and negative aspects of the whole genre as well as this upcoming title.

Story of the Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Become HumanThe developer refused to share the story of this game, but we can guess the majority of it as we already know who the main characters are. The developer confirmed that there would be three main characters of which we already know that two will be playable. The first one is Kara, an android that decides to escape her fate and explore her place in the society. The other one is Connor, also an android. He works as police offer with a task to hunt down and apprehend androids like Kara.

This tells us that the story will revolve around Kara’s efforts to understand society and become part of it as well as Connor’s efforts to understand Kara and her actions and to apprehend her. The number of different interactions between these two and the third character that isn’t confirmed to be playable (yet) may create other storylines that might be interesting.

Detroit: Become Human – Gameplay and possible issues

The developer revealed that Detroit: Become Human will be a third-person adventure game where the players will play as two (possibly more) characters. The gameplay will contain many choices that will change the way you play it. Some decisions may even lead to deaths of playable characters. Exploration of environment will uncover clues that will help the player make right choices.

The only issue that may hinder this game is a huge reliance on quick-time events. This ruined many great games, and we are afraid that it might ruin this one as well. We can only hope that the developer will listen to reason and come up with a bit more interesting gameplay mechanics.