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Author: Justin Jones

Have you tried these board games for 2 players?

The world of board games offers so many diverse and so many beautiful designs. Most of the people who scratched below the surface and tried some more serious games, rarely return to the commercial titles such as Monopoly, Clue, Uno and so on, which are in fact mass production and very known games. Most games involve multiple players, but what if there are only two of you who want to play at the moment? In this article, we have selected some of the best 2 player board games for you.

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Warlord Games – Quality Board Games

Warlord Games is a company that designs and distributes board games. They also make figures to accompany them, and oh my, the quality of their creations is amazing. They make small figures out of plastic, medium out of metal and giant creatures and structures out of resin. This means that their games are affordable and the price of figurines isn’t over the top as with some other manufacturers. This company has a respectable number of well-designed games that every role-playing board game player should try at least once. Their latest move was to create several Sci-Fi games to expand...

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Star Wars: Adventure – A Platformer Game For All Ages

The sheer number of Star Wars games is overwhelming with multiple titles hitting the online shops every year. You can play a Star Wars game on whatever platform you have, from PC to mobile device. A beautiful thing about this franchise is that doesn’t limit its games to one or two genres. You can find Star Wars titles throughout the wide variety of genres from action to adventure and card games. So, what is Star Wars Adventure and is it worthy of being a part of the franchise that spawned dozens upon dozens of games? Star Wars Adventure –...

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