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Author: Justin Jones

Clash Of Clans – The Adventure Like No Other

Many people consider Clash of Clans as just another browser game without any depth. They obviously didn’t invest any considerable amount of time in the CoC, as they wouldn’t think like that if they did. Clash of Clans was a first highly successful browser game that drawn huge crowds of people together and divided them into clans that battle for supremacy. The success of the game lies in the fact that it creates an excellent gameplay on both solo and clan levels. You can’t say that base building is a core gameplay of the Clash of Clans and yet...

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Enter The World Of Miniatures Board Games

Board games aren’t as popular as they were several decades ago but they are still here. In the past, people would gather and enjoy in long board game sessions where they played out fantasy settings where they battled enemies, explored new lands and investigated crime scenes. The revival of the role-playing board games 2017 brought a huge change in the way people view board gaming as several games took inspiration from some of the greatest titles of this genre. Twitch streaming played a significant part in the revival of board and miniatures games, and thus this world is slowly...

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Monster Hunter World – The Latest Addition To The Best Monster Hunting Franchise

Everyone knows that Monster Hunter franchise is full of excellent titles that have captivated players over the years. The whole franchise has been known for its unique gameplay where you go and hunt various monsters. The latest title is also going to follow the same trope and throw you into the world that is full of interesting monsters to kill. The best installment in the franchise is here We, along with the majority of people that await Monster Hunter World, believe that this will be the best installment in the franchise. This is the first Monster Hunter game that...

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Judge Dredd – Introducing The Stiffy Blockwar!

Many board role-players don’t know the extent of the Judge Dredd Universe, and thus they skip excellent games. This universe might not be as detailed and as famous as D&D, but it has some unique stories written by talented artists. The Stiffy Blockwar! is the first longer board game set in this universe and it packs a punch. It contains everything a Judge Dredd game should have. This, of course, includes criminals, great guns, and justice and we mean justice for all. The Stiffy Blockwar! – When newbies unite This game is for a minimum of three and a...

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Enter The World Of Dungeons And Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons universe is vast, and dozens of board games had their setting in it. This is the world full of various creatures, non-human races, and magic. This is an excellently written world that has rules that will both reward and punish player depending on their play style. Those that refuse to take risks will probably survive, but they won’t get any treasure or weapons. On the other hand, there are people that are willing to take that chance because they know that rewards await them after every tough battle. However, risking too much will only get you...

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