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Author: Justin Jones

Dangerous Dealings And Marvelous Maidens 2 – The Adventure Continues

We talked about the first part of this exciting adventure set in the 1930s California, and we found that people responded quite well. The second part continues where the previous one left, and that is the meeting where your crew and the professor went to meet with the adversary. At the end of the last part, the team had to face goons sent by the Dr. Boskone (main enemy) who were led by Grond, a Minotaur. It turns out that Dr. Boskone allied himself with Venusians who will aid him in his quest to conquer the world. And the...

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Traveller – Explore The Stars

Traveller is a rather innovative space adventure that is worth playing over and over again. This is a sci-fi adventure that will see you and other players explore new star systems and make some discoveries. The Traveller universe is extensive, and new systems are added every once in a while. This makes it possible to return to your favorite Traveller characters and take them in a newly discovered system where adventure awaits. Welcome to the Chevron worlds The Chevron stands for six worlds that were recently discovered. They aren’t unfamiliar to people, but they do hold some mysteries that...

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Journal Of Recognition 2 – When Brawls Turn To War

CAV – Journal of Recognition 2 is a classic Reaper board game that takes a bunch of different races and fighters and places them on one board. Reaper has been known for making interesting games that aren’t just focused on endless attacking. Yes, strategy plays an important part of any Reaper game, and that is what makes them excellent. Diversity of the army is crucial in a Warlord game If you ever played a game of Warlord, then you know that the type of your army will affect the way you approach the fight. Having a bunch of weak...

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Down To Earth Adventure Board Game You Must Play

Dangerous Dealings and Marvelous Maidens is a board game that will distance you from monsters and epic quests. This game throws you and other players into the 30s California, and it draws inspiration from classic movies of the time. This is an episodic game, and thus you can play it over several sessions. Dangerous Dealings and Marvelous Maidens in nutshell This game is set in the 1930s in California where a professor is about to resent his latest invention that will change the world. Many different parties are interested in it, and only some of them have good intentions....

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Middle Earth: Shadow Of War – A Worthy Successor Or Not?

Tolkien’s fantastic universe was a setting for some incredible games as well as a plethora of those that failed to amaze players.  Shadow of Mordor was one of the most successful titles set in the Middle Earth and the best RPG set in the Middle Earth. But the title of the best RPG will most probably go to the sequel named Shadow of War. The sequel will continue the tale of the first game, and according to developers, it will be several times better than it was. We had a chance to take a look at the gameplay of...

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