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Author: Justin Jones

Call Of Cthulhu – The Conclusion Of The Order Of The Stone

The original Call of Cthulhu saga spans over four stories, and the ending is quite satisfying. This board game is one of the best role-playing games for new players that are interested in this kind of thing. It isn’t too long and yet it contains all elements that will amaze and draw in people that aren’t familiar with board games. Original Call of Cthulhu saga is forgiving for new players. The difficulty of board games rests on the Keeper and the willingness of the players to fight against odds. The final part of the original saga will give a...

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Call Of Cthulhu – Board The Steamer

The original role-playing game Call of Cthulhu contained several stories that were connected in one big campaign. But the beauty of old board games is that you can change them without too much work. A popular thing nowadays is to update Call of Cthulhu stories and turn them into episodic games that happen in the present. The steamer part of the original Call of Cthulhu board game happens after the events in the General Hospital. You and other players go to the San Antonio where you board the steamer called Celestia Marie. Your adversary, however, is aware of your...

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Call Of Cthulhu – Welcome To The Haunted Hospital

Many people forgot about Call of Cthulhu but that changed half a year ago with an announcement of an RPG survival horror game. Whether the game will succeed or not is still unknown, and for us, it doesn’t make a big difference. We hope that it will do well, but that isn’t up to us. An excellent this about this announcement is that it will get more people interested into the lore and hopefully into role-playing board games based on the same lore. Role-playing Call of Cthulhu games have been around since 1981, and they include a various setting...

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God Of War 4 – Change Of Setting For A Fresh Start

The latest installment in a long lasting God of War franchise changes the central aspect of the game which is the setting. Previous six installments in this franchise followed Kratos on his adventures in the Greece. That is not the case in the latest title as this one takes us to the Scandinavia where Kratos will have to deal with Norse gods and other mythological creations from that mythos. An entirely new game with our favorite God Slayer God of War 4 may be similar to previous installments, but in reality, it is almost a whole new game with...

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The Latest Addition To The Far Cry Franchise Awaits Us

Far Cry franchise is well-known for its freedom with storytelling and an excellent gameplay across all games. The franchise took us to islands led by madman, countries under dictatorships and even to the prehistory. One of the greatest things about the Crytek is their willingness to explore human psyche and make their games politically questionable while still delivering an excellent story and gameplay. Back to the USA The latest addition to the Far Cry family is known as A Montana Uprising, and its setting is in the USA. Your character is a sheriff’s deputy stuck in the middle of...

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