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Author: Justin Jones

Detroit: Become Human – A Thriller Game In The Neo-Noir Setting

Many developers shy away from neo-noir and with good reason. It’s hard to make a neo-noir game and attract a broad audience. But Quantic Dream decided to venture into neo-noir, and they created a thriller game called Detroit: Become Human. Now, we don’t have too much info about the game, but we do have enough to discuss some positive and negative aspects of the whole genre as well as this upcoming title. Story of the Detroit: Become Human The developer refused to share the story of this game, but we can guess the majority of it as we already...

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Asura – An Indian Rogue-Like Indie Game

The oversaturation of the gaming world by rogue-like games is evident. Dozens and dozens of rogue-like entered the market, and just a few of them became famous and beloved by a large number of players. Many rogue-like games failed because they didn’t come with any new and exciting features that would make them better than other games. Whether an Indian indie succeeded where many failed is what we are here to talk about. Asura – Worth the price or not? As many other rogue-like games Asura also relies on randomly generated levels to keep the game fresh. It also...

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Origins – A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Assassin’s Creed Franchise

Assassin’s Creed franchise isn’t well-respected among players due to its lack of innovation and bugs that make those games nearly unplayable. The first several games achieved great success as they brought new features and exciting settings in every release. That changes several years ago as this company started releasing one or two Assassin’s Creed games every year. The result of that decision was the lack of new features and a lot of bugs that plagued the franchise up to this day. Whether the issues from the past will ruin the latest addition to the franchise is the subject we...

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Agents Of Mayhem – A New Open World Game

Agents of Mayhem is an entirely new game developed by the Volition and released several days ago by the collaboration between Square Enix (publisher) and Deep Silver (distributor). This is a third-person shooter set in a well-known Saints Row universe. If you spent some time on one of the Saints Row games, then the gameplay of the Agents of Mayhem will be familiar to you. That doesn’t mean that this new game is just another sequel to the widely popular Saints Row games. No, Agents of Mayhem is a whole new game that introduces many new features that the...

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Destiny 2 –Subclasses, Their Roles, And Abilities

The Destiny 2 is already in the early access beta on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the current players have access to many features that will find their place in the final release. This sequel to widely popular game Destiny will contain quite some new features that will inject a breath of fresh air into the genre. What Destiny 2 has to offer to both new and old players in the term of subclasses is the subject we will discuss. Do note that we won’t talk about Void Hunter, Arc Warlock, and Solar Titan as these...

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