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The Destiny 2 is already in the early access beta on both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the current players have access to many features that will find their place in the final release. This sequel to widely popular game Destiny will contain quite some new features that will inject a breath of fresh air into the genre.What Destiny 2 has to offer to both new and old players in the term of subclasses is the subject we will discuss. Do note that we won’t talk about Void Hunter, Arc Warlock, and Solar Titan as these subclasses aren’t available in the beta release.

Warlock subclasses – Voidwalker and Dawnblade

Destiny 2Voidwalker subclass of the warlock went through some changes since its iteration in the first game (this happened to other subclasses as well). The new additions to Voidwalker didn’t change the core gameplay of this class but added new skills that allow the warlock to heal allies.Dawnblade promotes support style of gameplay with the warlock. It allows the player to inflict damage over time and it also provides the character with heals and buffs that help other team members to perform better on the battlefield.

Subclasses of the Hunter

Arcstrider subclass of the Hunter is all about dodging and melee attacks. The majority of skills focus on evasion of the attacks and counterattacks from multiple directions with the aid of a plethora of jump skills. A Hunter that chooses the Gunslinger class sacrifices superior dodge and jump abilities, of the Arcstrider, in favor of increased range damage. It still retains some dodge skills that allow it to reload automatically or to generate energy for strong melee attacks.

Titan – Two basic subclasses and new skills they get

Titan Sentinel is a subclass whose focus lies in taking the damage and preventing the enemies from attacking allies. This is a form of tank class that also gains skills that place defensive shields on friendlies which protect them from damage. It also gets a wide variety of defensive skills that increase its ability to take damage and survive.Destiny 2The striker is an aggressive subclass of the Titan. It doesn’t possess as many of defensive abilities as the Sentinel, but it has a plethora of offensive skills that inflict enormous damage to the enemy. One of the new skills Striker has the Fists of Havoc that allows the player to inflict damage in two ways, either with shoulder charge or one button attack.



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