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Category: Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

Tolkien’s fantastic universe was a setting for some incredible games as well as a plethora of those that failed to amaze players.  Shadow of Mordor was one of the most successful titles set in the Middle Earth and the best RPG set in the Middle Earth. But the title of the best RPG will most probably go to the sequel named Shadow of War. The sequel will continue the tale of the first game, and according to developers, it will be several times better than it was. We had a chance to take a look at the gameplay of the Shadow of War, and we have to agree with its developers.

Gameplay and plot of the Shadow of War

Middle Earth: Shadow Of WarShadow of War plays similarly to its predecessor as it is also an action RPG set in an open world.  You still play as the Talion who has a mix of abilities due to his origin as a ranger of Gondor and the fact that he carries the spirit of Celebrimor, an elf lord.The goal of the sequel is similar to its predecessor, and that is to disrupt the work of Sauron’s armies. You won’t have to do this alone as you will have characters known as Followers that might help you if you choose a correct way to interact with them.The fighting mechanics, however, went through some significant changes. The Shadow of Mordor was a hack-and-slash game that relied on combos to give the gameplay more variety. Shadow of War will deviate from that style and give the player more control over the attack patterns. The fighting mechanics will allow the player to attack, defend and dodge and combine those with other elements to defeat the foes. This new system will make the game more interesting when you consider the size of the changes they promised to make.



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