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Everyone knows that Monster Hunter franchise is full of excellent titles that have captivated players over the years. The whole franchise has been known for its unique gameplay where you go and hunt various monsters. The latest title is also going to follow the same trope and throw you into the world that is full of interesting monsters to kill.Monster Hunter World

The best installment in the franchise is here

Monster Hunter WorldWe, along with the majority of people that await Monster Hunter World, believe that this will be the best installment in the franchise. This is the first Monster Hunter game that is developed for PC along with other platforms and that sets our expectations at a high level. PC users were able to play several installments from the franchise, but those were all ports from consoles, and thus players were inclined to accept some downsides.But the latest title is developed for PC and thus we expect some improvements over older games. Monsters in this game are perfect, and we can’t say anything about that. The diversity of the monsters is also good, but we won’t complain if we get some brand new and powerful foes to face.The only improvement when it comes to fighting monsters is the environment in which we will face them. Environment building wasn’t the strongest suit of the Monster Hunter games, but that should change in the new title. PC gamers are used to the well-build environment, and Monster Hunter World will have to deliver in that area to satisfy PC users. The latest game in the franchise will allow players to switch weapons mid-battle, and that is excellent, but it can spawn some issues. All weapons have to be balanced and provide the player with a satisfactory experience. The developer confirmed that the arms from previous games would make an appearance and that will excite all Monster Hunter fans. But what we want is more weapons added to the game. Those weapons should play differently than already existing tools of the trade, but they shouldn’t be better and thus replace old weapons.



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