Many people consider Clash of Clans as just another browser game without any depth. They obviously didn’t invest any considerable amount of time in the CoC, as they wouldn’t think like that if they did.

Clash of Clans was a first highly successful browser game that drawn huge crowds of people together and divided them into clans that battle for supremacy. The success of the game lies in the fact that it creates an excellent gameplay on both solo and clan levels.

You can’t say that base building is a core gameplay of the Clash of Clans and yet it is a large part of the game itself. The war between clans is also a huge part of the game, and yet it isn’t the element that carries the game. The combination of these two is what makes Clash of Clans such a good browser game that everyone plays.

In the beginning, there was a village

Clash Of ClansEvery Clash of Clans adventure begins with you and a worker, and it turns into a small village. Your village is the center of your power, and its protection is up to you. Expect attacks and expect a lot of them. Others will try to take your hard-earned resources, and that can slow your development and make you just a resource farm for other players. You must not allow this to happen.

Attacks in early stages of the game will be rather weak, but you still require defensive structures to defend your village. The combination of walls and towers makes for an excellent defense that will repel any and all attackers. In the beginning, you will have three types of towers, and you should use all of them. The catch lies in the placement of the said towers. They have to protect the important building from enemy fire and still be at locations where they won’t attract too much attention.

Destroy your foes with overwhelming force

Constant defense of the base isn’t too impressive, and they become dull after a while. Attacking is what a browser game should be all about, and Clash of Clans delivers gloriously. This game has a strong focus on multiplayer, but single player is also present.

In a single player, players will fight with NPCs that will help them to learn how to fight different enemies. NPC armies will come in various forms, and that will force players to adapt to different layouts of enemies.

Clash Of Clans

Multiplayer attacks are what Clash of Clans is all about. This game gives a player the choice of various units to implement in their army, and it’s up to the player to create an army layout that will defeat all enemies.

Clan wars add another layer to the warfare as the scale of the battle goes up several times. The way players battle it out also changes as clan vs. clan war isn’t same as player vs. player. Some players will have to create defensive armies to repel invaders while others will focus on the destruction of the opponents.