Board games aren’t as popular as they were several decades ago but they are still here. In the past, people would gather and enjoy in long board game sessions where they played out fantasy settings where they battled enemies, explored new lands and investigated crime scenes.

The revival of the role-playing board games

Miniatures Board Games2017 brought a huge change in the way people view board gaming as several games took inspiration from some of the greatest titles of this genre. Twitch streaming played a significant part in the revival of board and miniatures games, and thus this world is slowly opening for young players.

Now, many think that board games are the same thing as minis (miniatures), but that isn’t true. The goal of miniatures games is to try and recreate the setting as best as possible, and that is done with figures. Big role-playing games come with hundreds of figurines and that makes it possible to create environments and settings. This is a level of immersion that traditional board games can’t recreate.

The two largest role-playing universes

The majority of old and fruitful miniatures games belong to either D&D or Warhammer 40K universes. These two universes are highly developed, and the number of games set in them created worlds, stories and NPC characters that transcend time and space. People wrote exciting races that are spread out over those universes as well as calamities and threats that exceed single games set in the world. No new game set in one of these two universes goes without mentioning of some events or places from earlier installments. Enemies also cross the boundary between titles and that makes it possible to face villains from older games.

The best from the role-playing miniatures game world

Board games aren’t only limited to D&D and Warhammer 40K, and we will give you a list of miniatures games that are worth checking out.

Warmachine and Hordes are two games that are compatible. Both of these games earned rewards as some of the best miniature sets. The universe isn’t as vast as Warhammer 40K, but that isn’t important considering the nature of these two games. Both Hordes and Warmachine are skirmish games, and thus the majority of the gameplay focuses on the battle between two or more factions on one battlefield. This is a steampunk game that has it all, from machines and humans to fantasy races and savage hordes.


Planetfall is the best installment in the Firestorm Galaxy universe, and it delivers fast paced combat that involves futuristic tanks, lasers and much more. This game has a hardcore Sci-Fi setting that isn’t a place for regular humans as everything you meet on a battlefield is geared up to destroy city blocks and enemies whose size exceeds that.