Far Cry franchise is well-known for its freedom with storytelling and an excellent gameplay across all games. The franchise took us to islands led by madman, countries under dictatorships and even to the prehistory. One of the greatest things about the Crytek is their willingness to explore human psyche and make their games politically questionable while still delivering an excellent story and gameplay.

Back to the USA

The latest addition to the Far Cry family is known as A Montana Uprising, and its setting is in the USA. Your character is a sheriff’s deputy stuck in the middle of the war between a local cult and US Marshal Service.

The cult leader thinks that the government will collapse and he is a chosen individual that has to protect his family and cult. The leader has help from a large cult as well as his family, and it will be hard to take them all down. You won’t have to take the enemy down alone as you will have potential allies in several unique individuals.

The game caused an uproar among media as soon as it was announced due to the setting of the title. The Crytek took their usual “kill or be killed” idea and chose the setting where Americans fight Americans. The internet got flooded by complaints that had no real connection to the gameplay and the actual story of the game. Leave it to Crytek to cause an uproar with a game and draw the attention of the society to it.

What the Far Cry 5 is really about?

Far Cry 5A Montana Uprising isn’t about political correctness or mental struggles of killing people that are same as you according to the developer. The setting and the story doesn’t exist to teach you a valuable lesson. The setting is there to draw you into the world that is familiar and still a bit strange.

Those that will buy Far Cry 5 won’t do that because of the setting and politics. They will purchase the game for characters, the story and the gameplay, aspects in which Crytek always delivers. Players will get a game that has many interesting characters, an intricate story, and gameplay that will keep them glued to their PC for hours.

If A Montana Uprising game is even similar to previous titles in the franchise, then we will get to play another interesting Far Cry game that will attract a lot of players.