Many games take a long time to develop, and Star Citizen is a stellar example of this. A continued development of a game wouldn’t be a problem if no player invested any money into it. A game can be in development for a decade, and no harm will befall the players as they didn’t spend anything on it. They are just waiting for the game, and that is ok.

But the rise of semi-completed games has caused many grievances among the gaming community. Games are released in their early stages of development, and they come out in Alpha and Beta state as well as in Early Access form. All of these types represent products that aren’t in their final form. If you choose to invest in a game like that, then you have to realize that it might change to the point of not being recognizable.

Star Citizen – The state of the development

Star Citizen gameThe 3.0 update pushes this game closer to the “Early Access” point, but it is still far from the final product people have backed with their money. The slow development of the game made many backers worry on whether the game will see the light of day in its full state or not. Well, the very idea of investing money into a game whose future isn’t guaranteed. All people that invested in Star Citizen took a calculated risk, which was in this case very high due to the complexity of the promised product.

Now back to the game, and the latest update. The 2.63 version of the game offered some basics to those that backed the game as well as those that chose to buy it in Alpha state. This new update should bring in many original features including persistent ship state. This means that the state of your ship will be the same once you log on and when you log in. It will also add a lot of jobs and additional options that will add a lot of new content to existing players.

This update will include many procedural missions that will take you to various places in the space. They won’t be complicated, but they will give you something to do. This update also introduces basic trading mechanics, as well as the ability to haul cargo.

Another significant addition is the ability to spend money on clothes, items, weapons as well as weapons and items for your ship.

What to expect in the 3.1 update of the Star Citizen

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Now, the next update, according to the developer, will allow players to buy new ships that will make their way into the game. That update will also introduce mining as well as the building that will let players add infrastructure to an empty space. We just have to hope that everything will go according to plan and that no delays will happen.