The sheer number of Star Wars games is overwhelming with multiple titles hitting the online shops every year. You can play a Star Wars game on whatever platform you have, from PC to mobile device.

Star Wars- Adventure

A beautiful thing about this franchise is that doesn’t limit its games to one or two genres. You can find Star Wars titles throughout the wide variety of genres from action to adventure and card games. So, what is Star Wars Adventure and is it worthy of being a part of the franchise that spawned dozens upon dozens of games?

Star Wars Adventure – A Lego game

Star Wars: AdventureStar Wars Adventure – Empire vs. Rebels is a sequel to the Lego game of the same name that came out back in 2014. This is a sort of a platformer game that places you in a role of a force user going through various levels and location Lego pieces for C-3PO. You have to gather all pieces to allow the Rebels to prepare the defense against the Empire as their attack is imminent.

This is quite a simple game with basic premise and controls, and its target audience is children, and thus we can’t criticize it too much. But that doesn’t mean that developers can just make a bad game and say it is for children. We won’t allow that to happen. This game is an interesting entry in the Star Wars franchise, but it has its problems that require attention.

Issues that plague Star Wars Adventure 2016

This game is an adventure platformer, and when you look at it from that angle, you will find that it lacks many things. It has some basic mechanics that aren’t anything special. If you compare it with some successful entries in this genre, it fails to draw attention due to lack of any notable mechanics or systems.

Graphics are also lacking even for a Lego title, but that won’t affect sales as children aren’t interested in that. The story of this game is also nothing special, and that will turn down any potential players that older than eleven or twelve years.