Warlord Games is a company that designs and distributes board games. They also make figures to accompany them, and oh my, the quality of their creations is amazing. They make small figures out of plastic, medium out of metal and giant creatures and structures out of resin. This means that their games are affordable and the price of figurines isn’t over the top as with some other manufacturers.

Warlord Games

This company has a respectable number of well-designed games that every role-playing board game player should try at least once. Their latest move was to create several Sci-Fi games to expand their roster of games that had only fantasy board games before that.

Battle it out Beyond the Gates of Antares

Beyond the Gates of Antares is one of the Sci-Fi games that the company introduced as their expansion into science fiction. The said gates connect worlds across the universe and races that evolved from humans are in an unending war for the control of those gates. One that controls the gates gets the access to undiscovered worlds that lie beyond the knowledge of the known universe.

This is a simple encounter board game where you fight against other players in turns. Several variations of the battle exist, and they include a search for the tech of the builders and fight to recover reconnaissance drones that went rogue.

Black Powder 1700-1900 – Games for history lovers

Warlord GamesBlack Powder is a collection of games that reflect the larger wars between 1700 and 1900. One set of rules is viable in all games that belong to this group. You can use same figures for all wars if you want to save some money. But if money isn’t an issue then it’s better to buy figurines that match the battle as that makes it easier to enjoy the game.

This collection includes French-Indian war, Napoleonic conquests, Anglo-Zulu skirmishes as well as the American War of Independence. Check out the official site of the Warlord Games for more info about figures and rules as well as factions you can play as in this excellent collection of games.

Bolt Action – A World War 2 board game you have to try

Bolt Action is the most successful board game by the Warlord Games, and its premise is well-known as it covers the World War 2. Rules are simple, you gain control over one of the ten factions, and you wage war against up to nine other players in the all-out war. No alliances exist before the start of the game, and thus it’s up to you to forge powerful alliances and crush your enemies. But beware the allies, as they might stab you in the back.

This game was so successful that Warlord Games launched a sequel called Konflikt 47. The WW2 didn’t end in 1945, and all faction came up with new tech, including armored walkers and new tanks to battle it out. Rules are similar to the previous game, and the only difference is the introduction of the Weird War set of standards that cover new mechanized units.